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Philadelphia Public League High School Bowling League 


Season Orientation

Big Changes to the PPL High School Bowling League…..

3 Bowling Centers will now be used for league regular season matches (see addendum slide for addresses)

2021 Season-COVID social distancing protocols in effect: 1 team per PAIR of lanes

Schedule based on PPL MODEL #2-1/25/21 two week practice then regular season start 2/9/21-Teams will compete against those teams within their Center irrespective of the day you bowl.

Standings will be based on total pins: 2 regular and 1 Baker game

One team (Boys/girls) from each Center will bowl in the Championship match. TOTAL PINS will determine the league team champion.

Start time for matches: 2:30-teams will start together.

Bowling Center Staff will now be your main point of contact…

They will supply standing and recap sheets each week

They will check documents for accuracy

You must contact them if travel issues arise preventing a 2:30 arrival

Center Assignments (2021 season)-these will be re-evaluated next season

Coaching-must be certified by SDP-See Sport Chair with questions

League Characteristics:

Each team consists of 5 members (max team roster of 7).

League play-use both lanes for regular games; 1 for the Baker game.

Teams will be sectioned by gender.

Open Practice-Facilitators must contact Center directly to arrange for sessions (3:30-5PM generally)

Recap sheets to be completed (full name of student) and given to Center Staff.

Conduct: New for 2020-21 season

Bowling pace-1stbowler waits until the 5thbowler rolls their first shot.

No food or drink is to be consumed within the Center.

Visitors/Spectators-none allowed

Equipment-balls and shoes should not be shared-leave in bowling area when done-Consult Center staff for help

Face masks required at all times

Physical distancing 6 feet


Special League Changes d/t COVID

Schools are assigned to 1 of 3 Centers. You compete against teams within your Center

T-Bird Castor: Tuesday and Wednesday

T-Bird Holme Ave: Wednesday and Thursday

V&S: Wednesday and Thursday

In this 8-week program, TOTAL PINS will determine 1) team standings per Center and 2) teams that compete in championship match

There will be 7 weeks of regular team play

Spacing-only 1 team per pair of lanes

Teams will bowl with the objective of knocking down as many pins possible because TOTAL PINS will determine standings each week

The team (boys/girls) with the highest number of total pins will represent their Center in the finals on week 8

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