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V&S (Vanessa & Steve) since 1980; V&S Lanes established January 2010

The center has been around in its present location for approximately 50+ years and has always remained a staple in the community for all to enjoy. V&S Lanes has long established and generations of bowlers here who have all enjoyed past & present fond memories of bowlers, events, leagues, and friendships.

     V&S Lanes is a 26-lane bowling center with a Pro Shop and snack shop. We have gone through many improvements & upgrades  in the past several years to include new scoring systems, new synthetic lanes, new HVAC systems, vending and snack shop, and many more improvements to come.

     We house (30+) USBC Sanctioned leagues throughout the year comprised of youth bowlers (Jimmy’s Juniors), seniors leagues, various mixed leagues, along with regionally advertised bowling tournaments and the UBA (Underground Bowling Association).

     We also are the home center for two of the city’s most amazing leagues:

  • Model Bowling League est.1956- The oldest African American Bowling League in the city of Philadelphia, and the 4th oldest active league still intact in the country.

  • Jimmy's Juniors - Originally founded in Philadelphia in 1972, the Jimmy's Juniors Youth Bowling Program was reorganized at V&S Lanes in 2010 by former Jimmy's Juniors members Vanessa Fred & Lisa Rose along with the inspiration and assistance from many other former members, friends, family, and original founder Mr. Frank Harwell. This Youth Bowling Program teaches and inspires youth from ages 6-18 in the sport of bowling, friendship, and sportsmanship.

V&S Lanes Mission Statement is to

provide safe, clean, fun environment, and to help each other.  We strive to exhibit a high degree of Ethical & Moral value in ALL that we do!

We teach and mentor to our youth via our Jimmy’s Juniors Youth Bowling Program, interaction with our city’s various local schools, and all of our neighborhood youth.

We aim to provide a safe and clean environment for bowlers to enjoy.

We strive to provide community service any way we can; provide a meeting place for our bowlers and their affiliate programs and various activities.

We provide an establishment where bowlers can come to compete, acquire bowling equipment at a fair price, are proud to be a part of and call HOME.

We would like to thank you for supporting V&S Lanes and hope that you enjoy your time with us.

Tell your family & friends about us. Your support is graciously appreciated.

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