How To Wait On Your Bowling Swing

September 2, 2015


If you are a highly skilled player and possibly a professional champion, a top ranked amateur player or a very successful local player for many years, then understanding the importance of good swing discipline is a vital key in good shot-making.  Let's discuss how to wait on your bowling swing. One common thread all talented players have and you must develop is the ability to know how to wait on your bowling swing and execute the delivery of your bowling ball with patience and with consistent tempo.

Here are a few techniques to practice that will help you wait on your swing and make a good delivery:

1. Timing - make sure you get the ball into your swing early enough so you do not have to hurry the delivery from the top of your back swing to the moment of release.

2. Grip pressure - make certain you do not grab the ball at the top of the swing in anticipation of swinging the ball forward and making the release.  Maintain consistent grip pressure on the ball during the back swing and forward swing motions and entering into the release zone.

3. Hand Position - regardless of your hand position at the top of your swing, whether you are a power player rotating your hand and shoulder as to allow for your thumb to point upward toward the sky at the top of your back swing, or if you are a "stroker" player with your hand directly positioned behind the bowling ball at the top of the swing, or if you are an "up-the-boards" player with your thumb turned inside toward your bowling hip slightly at the top of your back swing, delay the forward swing ever so slightly as to allow the forces of gravity to allow the ball to fall into the forward swing with no abrupt or imparted force of your bowling hand.  Waiting for your swing to fall into motion from the top of the swing into the forward swing will also help you avoid an early and undesirable hand or finger rotation of the bowling ball before your hand reaches the critical release zone.

4. Body Position - remain in a stable and fixed body position while walking to and sliding into the line when releasing the ball.  Make no sudden movements to interrupt good balance during your approach so you can exercise patience with your forward swing and delivery.

5. Swing Tempo - accelerate your forward swing consistently from delivery to delivery so you can regulate your desired ball speed.  Avoid hurrying your release and follow through motions in anticipation of a desired result. Make a disciplined and consistent release of the ball each delivery and hold your form at the foul line to make certain you are stationary during the moment of release.

Pressure is the number one reason any skilled player hurries a delivery and makes an errant shot.  Practice sessions should include an awareness of making the same pass through the ball and making consistent release motions on every delivery.  Avoid grabbing the ball at the top of the back swing and accelerating your forward swing too quickly into the release zone.

The tendency to hurry a delivery before you are in position to make a good delivery is another by-product of pressure.  Keep your eyes focused on your target, commit to your target, and do not hurry your footwork and swing process. Success relies on good swing discipline and swing awareness.

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